Garden Clean Up

Garden Clean Up
Experts Know Best

Thorburn Landscapes is the go-to resource for top-notch garden clean up services in the Wimbledon, Richmond and surrounding areas. Whether you need pruned branches ditched or scattered rubbles removed, we’ve got you covered. Our garden clean up services are amongst the most trusted in London.

Clean Up

Call us any time to arrange for your garden clean up, clearance, or regular garden maintenance jobs. If autumn leaves are piling up on your lawn, path, and patio area, Thorburn Landscapes will come to clear them out and dispose of all waste for you. You don’t need to wait for autumn to arrive though. Stephen Thorburn is happy to arrange regular garden clean ups at your property to ensure all family members have safe and reliable access to the garden at any time of year.

Garden maintenance jobs like lawn care, weeding, cutting down shrubs or trees, can become too much for working families to handle. Thorburn Landscapes can take all the worry out of maintaining your garden, leaving you and your family all the time you need to relax in the garden during sunny days.


Maintaining the garden on a regular basis can be a problem for older homeowners and busy couples or families. Let Thorburn Landscapes take care of your regular garden maintenance issues. Apart from being a horticulturalist, Stephen Thorburn has extensive experience on hard landscaping specifically for garden construction. So tips on regular plantings and ways to enhance your garden are added ways in which our service benefits you and your home environment.

Thorburn Landscapes will call to clean up your garden on the arranged date and time, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge your local garden maintenance company provides a reliable and professional service in the area. All of your garden waste will be removed at the end of our visit, leaving your garden looking tidy and ready for more blooms. If you have a family party or special occasion to host at home, arranging for garden clean up services is one way to increase the space available for your entertaining needs, particularly in summer months.

We know you’ll be impressed by the garden clean up service provided by Thorburn Landscapes in the areas around Wimbledon and Richmond. Apart from word of mouth referrals, you can contact us online to find out more about regular garden clean up and maintenance services.