27 Jan 2016

Garden Maintenance Tips on Caring for Some Common Perennial Plants

When starting a garden in your home, one of the choices you have to make are the plants that you are going to grow. Perennials plants are one type that you can consider. You can have perennial plants for a few years in your garden. It saves you the hassle of planting new seeds when a new season starts.

The garden maintenance that perennial plants require is also another advantage. You don’t have to do very much to keep you flower garden pretty. Pinching and cutting back perennials plants in your garden can help keep then shorter. Diving the plants will also help them grow comfortably.

Choosing a Perennial Plant

There are various choices when selecting the perennial plant to keep in your garden. They will differ depending on the colour, hardiness, bloom time and many other factors. There are also some plants that can withstand all kind of weather and some that will shed more than others. You have to know the characteristics of a particular plant before you can grow it. There are some common choices like Forget-me-not, Peruvian Lily, Lavender, Thyme, Bleeding Heart, Rudbeckia, Salvia nemorosa and Penstemon.


When it comes to watering perennials, there is no standard formula for it. Different plants will have different traits and resistance to harsh weather. Some perennials will last longer without water and some that need constant watering. To aid in the proper identification of a plant, soak it just after planting and take care not to let it dry out. Even with the drought-resistant plants, watering during the first weeks is critical.


Mulching is essential for your perennial garden because it helps retain moisture. Plants that get adequate mulching can survive longer without water. Through mulching, you can also improve the looks of your garden.


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