Avoid the Most Common Garden Maintenance Mistakes

Gardening is a complex subject. Skimping on simple maintenance tasks and not using the right maintenance equipment just create a backlog of problems, potential damage, and a lot more work. To make sure that your garden remains picturesque in the year to come, make sure to avoid these common garden maintenance mistakes.

Cutting the Grass Too Short

Gardeners should never cut their grass too short because it needs to absorb the sunshine with its extra length so it can develop and grow. Leaving a height of 13-25mm (½-1in) in summer and up to 40mm (1.5in) in spring and autumn which can be measured with a ruler, is generally the best option. According to turf grass specialist, Zac Reicher; “If you remove too much, the grass has to use its energy reserves in order to regrow, mow too short, and you’ve just created a plant that takes a lot of effort to maintain”.

Lack of Inspection

Not inspecting the garden for weeds and letting them grow will choke the nearby plants, and they will not receive as many nutrients from the soil, as they will be stolen by the weeds. Weeding should be done as soon as the first signs of weeds shoot up from the ground. If they are left for longer, they become stronger and they develop a network of roots. Hoeing the top layer of soil around the weeds is also a good strategy.

No Professional Help

Not asking for professional help when required for garden design and landscaping can turn out into a disaster, and cost a great deal more money to put right than it would, had it been done correctly in the first place. Getting a professional in to make everything just right so that the garden looks beautiful and is easy to manage is the key to success.


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