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Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping with Garden Maintenance Experts

Every garden needs looking after, even those designed to be low maintenance. Many people enjoy the beauty their garden brings, with opportunities to relax, entertain and soak in the great outdoors in their own private space, but don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to work on the upkeep of their garden. Professionals have expert […]

Garden Maintenance Tips on Caring for Some Common Perennial Plants

When starting a garden in your home, one of the choices you have to make are the plants that you are going to grow. Perennials plants are one type that you can consider. You can have perennial plants for a few years in your garden. It saves you the hassle of planting new seeds when […]

Garden Maintenance: Rake Your Lawn and Feed Your Compost Heap

No matter how many hours you spend tending borders, tubs, and hanging baskets, unless your lawn receives equal loving care, the garden never looks at its best. Raking Your Lawn Light raking should be carried out on a regular basis beginning in the spring, around late March early April, as the weather starts to warm. […]