Archive of month: April 2016

No Pests Allowed – Garden Maintenance and Safekeeping

When keeping a garden, dealing with pests is one possibility that you must consider. Learning about some common pests and the damage they can cause will get you ready to fight them. Beetles are some of the popular pests in gardens, and come in various types. Weevils are also popular in gardens. You can also […]

Trials and Tribulations of a Garden Owner in Garden Maintenance

Gardening is rewarding: from the toil of gardening itself to the resulting beautiful landscaping, to the potential for delicious, fresh food. Gardening is full of hope and promise, but there’s a balance to it as well. Garden owners need to be careful about afternoon heat, sunburn, chemicals, and cuts. These can be minimised, making gardening […]

Garden Maintenance Tips: Preparing for Summer

Knowing the suitable plants for a particular season is the best way to get the most out of your garden. Needless to say, during summer, you should learn about the plants that fare well in warm weather. Such plants need a lot of sunlight and warmer soil temperatures. Cucumber is one plant you can opt […]