Different Considerations for Various Types of Garden Maintenance

The maintenance tasks of two gardens can differ greatly. Firstly, there may be the obvious distinction of different plants and trees with different needs, but there can also be other factors:

  1. The difference between a sunbathed garden and a sheltered one.
  2. Weather Conditions.
  3. Mature plants or new plants will need different attention and maintenance routines.
  4. Sizes and architecture can mean that the gardening tasks are either smaller or bigger.

The location of the garden and the weather conditions that it experiences will have an effect on the maintenance regime that it needs. If the garden has a drier climate as its setting, then regular water will most likely be a key task on the list. The condition of the soil may need a kind of fertiliser that is common in one area, but not needed in another. It is also important to consider that some plants and trees prefer more sheltered areas. Keeping the shelter in top condition around these plants and trees is vital in some, but not necessarily all.

It is very easy to quickly assess your garden and decide what basic garden maintenance it needs. But, if you are not experienced in the gardening world, or if you simply do not have time to be on top of it all, this may cause you more problems further down the line. By consulting a professional you can discover the top priorities for your plants, trees and lawn amongst other things in order for your garden to thrive rather than just survive.

A professional may advise treatment on issues that you hadn’t noticed, give you tips on keeping your lawn in stunning condition or on how to deal with a specialist plant that you hadn’t seen. It is always worth consulting a professional before you simply go ahead with your maintenance to save you both time and money in the future.

Low maintenance gardening, Royal Horticultural Society