No Pests Allowed – Garden Maintenance and Safekeeping

When keeping a garden, dealing with pests is one possibility that you must consider. Learning about some common pests and the damage they can cause will get you ready to fight them. Beetles are some of the popular pests in gardens, and come in various types. Weevils are also popular in gardens. You can also find tomato, codling, and winter moth. Root maggots and worms can also be devastating to plants.

Potential Damages

Leaf damage is a frequent challenge that gardeners have to deal with when there are pests. Some pests leave holes in the leaves and other cause blotches and discolouration. Root maggots and wireworms eat at the roots, affecting a plant’s ability to reach moisture. Plants can also suffer stunted growth due to exposure to certain pests.

Preventative Measures

For large animals, fencing around the garden will help to protect it. Mulching plants and using seaweed make plants stronger to fight off diseases. Debris around a garden may lead to pest infestation; and so, clearing it helps.

Pest Removal

It is advisable first to consider biological means of pest removal once you notice them in your garden. One home remedy you can use is boiling lemons and spraying the citrus on plants to act as a pest repellent. Boric acid powder is also effective in pest removal. Traps and visual lures in your garden will attract pests, and you can get rid of them safely. You can also use natural pesticides if a pest problem persists.

Proper garden maintenance will go a long way in keeping it pest-free. Watering early in the morning, for example, will ensure plants are dry during the day; thereby, minimising pest infestation. Using clean mulch will also be useful. Rotating plants is an excellent way to get rid of plant-specific pests.


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