Garden Maintenance Tips: Preparing for Summer

Knowing the suitable plants for a particular season is the best way to get the most out of your garden. Needless to say, during summer, you should learn about the plants that fare well in warm weather. Such plants need a lot of sunlight and warmer soil temperatures.

Cucumber is one plant you can opt to plant in summer. With an inch of water every week, full sun, and rich soil, your cucumber will thrive well. Peppers also need a lot of sunlight and consistent watering for growth. Tomatoes are favourite summer choices, but their planting should start inside until after 5 weeks before being exposed to full sun.

Type of Sunlight

When planting summer plants, you should know the kind of sunlight to expose them to. Too little or too much sun can have adverse effects on plants. Some plants need direct sunlight throughout the day, whereas some only require morning sunlight for optimal growth. Morning sunlight is not quite as hot, and that is why it’s more preferable for many ornamental plants and herbs. Also, learn about plants that will need partial or full shade.

Maintaining Summer Plants

After picking suitable summer plants for your garden, provide the garden maintenance that will keep them growing. You must know how to water summer plants effectively. Due to exposure to sunlight these plants use up water fast. Watering them properly will provide them with the moisture they require. Plants also need adequate nutrients for growth. The types of nutrients you add will depend on the specific plants and how much require.

Special Considerations

When it comes to summer garden maintenance, pay particular attention to plants in containers. Check out the size of the container because it determines how much moisture the soil can hold. Plants in small containers should be watered at least once daily. It also helps to add mulch to plants in containers for moisture retention. You should also consider deadheading summer plants so they can bloom better.