Trials and Tribulations of a Garden Owner in Garden Maintenance

Gardening is rewarding: from the toil of gardening itself to the resulting beautiful landscaping, to the potential for delicious, fresh food. Gardening is full of hope and promise, but there’s a balance to it as well. Garden owners need to be careful about afternoon heat, sunburn, chemicals, and cuts. These can be minimised, making gardening as relaxing as it ought to be, with the proper preparation like wearing proper clothes, and following a gardening schedule for mild-weathered or even drizzly days.

The Bane of Gardening

Pests and weeds ensure that gardening wouldn’t be all that easy and breezy, however. Depending on the region one lives in, the pests a gardener encounters might be rabbits, or they might be raccoons. Worms, beetles, and other insects can also plague a garden, hindering it from growing to its full, lush potential. In either case, vegetables and fruit will sometimes go missing, and good soil will be trampled. Flower tenders more often have to worry about the other side of the occasion: unwanted plants inviting themselves in.

Plant Compatibility

Gardening lore is fuzzy, but sunflowers don’t mesh with tomatoes, and certain breeds of rose can often battle each other for the soil. The list of incompatibilities is large and worth researching, but the most basic are simply that you should put like with like: tall plants don’t match small plants.

Fortunately, a professional landscaper can help with all of these needs. A landscaped garden is one both beautiful and useful. Professionals know how to deal with pests without damaging plants, understand incompatibilities, and can provide garden maintenance tailored to the task.


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